fund with everyday purchases

The top 50 consumer goods make $313+ trillion every year. If customers scan 5% of the daily products they purchase at 5 cents per product; that is over $1 billion a year

iPhone 12 Pro Barcode

three simple steps

  • PURCHASE: Buy your regular everyday product*
  • SCAN: Scan the barcode of the products (or the receipt)
  • FUND: Brands giveaway 5-10 cents to 4 Goals of your choice

* Anything you buy, anywhere you are!

What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas anymore

Let’s face it. Moving the needle on Climate Change is not a one-man job, it’s a collective action. I would have loved to argue with you but we don’t have time.

We are reimagining the relationship between consumers and the brands they love through crowdsourcing consumers’ everyday purchases to make an impact and fund what matters, in exchange for rewards, and loyalty.

If you hate drought, floods and wildfires season; this is your starting point . We are crowdsourcing demand through Sharity app. Download Sharity app and start scanning your everyday barcodes and receipts. We will take most scanned products and reach out to Brands to join our platform.

make your money matter

It takes a village to make any scalable change. We have a lot of looming issues that are putting humans at the risk of extinction.

Corporates are too slow to respond. Governments' focus is not at the right place, while the uber-wealthy people are deciding which part of the house should be fixed first, resulting in great sporadic efforts that simply fail to scale. There is no other perfect time to support the global movements of the Great Reset, Build Back Better, and Make Your Money Matter than NOW!

You say No Poverty and I say Climate Change. We both have purchase power, and we are both right about our choices. Why can’t we use this voice?

Green Earth